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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Getters and Givers

Your attitude as a part of the congregation has a lot to do with how vital and fruitful the church will be.  I have noticed there are two general attitudes that people can have about their church, framed in terms of two questions:

·         “What can I get out of being part of this church?”

·         “What can I give out of being part of this church?”


Vibrant, healthy, kingdom-building churches are those in which more of their constituents are seeking to give rather than to get. 



·         Are worried about their own needs

·         Are concerned with “What’s in it for me?”

·         Want their own way

·         Withhold (time, talent, or treasure) when they don’t get what they want

·         Think more of themselves than they do of others

·         Think the church is there to serve them

·         Fear loss of control, comfort, or convenience



·         Are worried about what’s best for everyone

·         Are concerned with “What does God need of us?”

·         Want God’s way

·         Continue to give (time, talent, treasure) even when they don’t get exactly what they want

·         Think more about others than they do of themselves

·         Think the church is there to serve its community

·         Are willing to sacrifice control, comfort, or convenience for the sake of the mission


So ask yourself, “Am I a giver, or am I a getter?”

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