Wednesday, May 9, 2012

"I Will Weep When You Are Weeping . . ."

Yesterday's vote was hurtful to some people, many of whom I love dearly. The Bible enjoins members of the body of Christ to grieve with those who grieve (Romans 12:15), without any comment on whether or not we "like" them, "agree" with them, or can comprehend why they are upset.

And then gloating - again, Scripture enjoins us not to rejoice in the hurt or pain of another (Proverbs 24:17). There has been a great deal of gloating in the wake of the vote, and Tammy Fitzgerald's victory party in Raleigh last night complete with a 7-tier wedding cake was a bit over the top and added insult to injury for those who were hurt. Gloating in someone else's misery is conduct very unbecoming to people of Christian faith. I still take no issue with the person who voted their conscience after honest research, deep conviction, and open heart-searching. Not every person who voted "yes" yesterday was gloating when the numbers came in. I do take issue with those who used the thing that caused suffering to another as the reason to celebrate and party.

Clearly, we are a fractured, broken, and divided people in desperate need of healing and reconciliation; my prayer from last night remains unchanged: "Forgive us, O Lord. Give us grace to put away all hurtful things."

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